Top 10 Most Creative Business Card Designs

Top 10 Most Creative Business Card Designs

 A business card is your unique identity in somebody’s hand. The designers of the following business cards have taken this one step further and created some of the most innovative business card designs till date,  ensuring their position in the Top 10 Most Creative Business Card Designs!


 1) Stylist appointment card

stylist appointment card
This card performs a two-in-one function - It’s a business card and you can probably use it as a comb too!

2)Broke Bike Alley

broke bike alley
These card cum tool business cards help you to adjust bolts and spokes on your bike. They’re practical and fit into your wallet!

3) Bombay Bakery

bombay bakery
These edible business cards were created to promote a bakery and were available in different flavors such as chocolate, vanilla and many more.

4) Y+ Yoga Center-Straw

y yoga center straw
 One of the most effective as well as low cost ways to demonstrate the dexterity of a yoga practitioner. These straws were placed at fruit juice bars which are frequented by the target audience.

5) Toy Chair Business Card

toy chair business card
Designed by Tok & Stok, to showcase their easy to assemble furniture, this business card can be converted into a little chair. The back of the card has the logo while the essential information such as address and phone numbers are found on the seat.

  6) Make-up Business card

make-up business card
Instead of using a traditional business card, a special stamp that stimulates a lipstick mark was created. It can be used on any material such an tissue papers, napkins, paper sheets etc

7) TAM Cargo Business card

tam cargo
This company used a very clever and innovative tactic of promoting their business through their card itself. By simply folding the card in a specific way, it can be turned into a little box.

8) Metal Token Business card

metal token business card
This unique business card displays the goods of the product design company.

9) Metallic –Emboss treated plate Business card

duffy business card
In this Duffy and Partner’s business card a print application is directly stuck on a metallic-emboss treated plate.

10) Personal Business Card

personal business card
This card is made on transparent plastic and there are different sets of design you can use to put in front of your face. It has been created by Dario Monetini

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